Bicycle taxis for the city center






25. May 2022

The city is examining the introduction of bicycle taxis in downtown Karlsruhe and their modalities. The results will be presented to the City Council for further approval.


The combination solution eliminates the need for ground-level passenger transport for short distances in the city center. A flexible solution, as known from other cities, are bicycle taxis, which can also serve side streets well. The city should examine different models to create such a solution. These include the settlement of appropriate companies, models to promote the idea, or the tendering or offering in your own KVV. The results of the audit are to be presented to the municipal council for further steps. Bicycle taxis could be a suitable solution for the bicycle city of Karlsruhe and are also climate-neutral.


Juergen Wenzel

Friedemann Kalmbach

Petra Lorenz