Karlsruhe (FW|FUR) – In Alt-Knielingen, living space is to be rededicated to a place of prostitution. The building regulations office denied the applicant permission, but the office allowed a deadline to elapse, so the prostitution site in a residential area in Karlsruhe has now been approved due to an objection by the owner. The Free Voters Group FÜR Karlsruhe reacts angrily about this omission by the city and demands that the brothel be prevented and that the case be clarified.

“For the residents, such a permit is absolutely incomprehensible,” explains City Councilor Petra Lorenz, “and on a play street in a residential area in the immediate vicinity of a playground”. The parliamentary group therefore requested clarification and assessment of the case in letters to the responsible mayor. “There must be consequences in any case,” demands parliamentary group leader Jürgen Wenzel, “this kind of thing must not happen and must be prevented at all costs.” The parliamentary group is now also planning an inquiry about the case and hopes that something will also be done about it through appropriate publicity: “It is to be hoped that the owner will refrain from his plans and listen to his neighbours. The application should be withdrawn,” appealed City Councilor Friedemann Kalmbach urgently. The place where the prostitution site is to be built is in a narrow street, and so there will be problems for the residents, such as a lack of parking spaces and disturbance of the peace due to the nightly operation of the brothel, according to the fears.

In times of housing shortages, such a mistake is a frightening signal that must be prevented, the parliamentary group continues: “No family wants a brothel as a neighbor in their residential area”.


In an open letter, the members of the census community of the FDP parliamentary group and FW|FUR Karlsruhe addressed the mayor. Questions were also sent to the Central Legal Service (ZJD), the building department and the mayor. The parliamentary group is hoping for an amicable solution to the situation with the help of the city administration in order to avert a prostitution site. The administration promised the parliamentary group to clarify the open questions and explain the process.

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