Prof. Dr. Robert Lepenies, Germany’s youngest university president and head of Karlshochschule, is known for his expertise in out-of-the-box thinking, networking and academic dialogue. In the new podcast “Science & Politics” by the city council group Freie Wähler and FÜR Karlsruhe, he discusses innovative thinking, artificial intelligence (AI) and social media in politics and society with group executive Micha Schlittenhardt.
The podcast highlights several topics, including the applicability of Karlshochschule’s international approach at the local level. Lepenies also talks about “nudging” and how our behavior is influenced, as well as the need to have the courage to think in a networked way.

Another focus of the conversation is on returning to childlike curiosity and thinking “out of the box.” The question of how science can support policy dialogue will also be discussed, as will the role of citizen participation, including the potential of social media.
A central theme is the impact of AI on the information system and the importance of trust in today’s society. Lepenies emphasizes the role of universities in building resilience in society through hands-on learning.