The city council group the Free Voters and the Voters’ Group FOR Karlsruhe has submitted a request to the Karlsruhe City Council to obtain information on tree cuttings and new plantings since the introduction of the climate adaptation strategy in 2013. Answering these questions will help provide better insight into the tree cutting and restoration efforts in Karlsruhe.

“Climate adaptation is an important component when looking at climate change. This is moreover clearly reflected in the will expressed by the citizenry for more trees and shading in the City Survey 2022. Trees play a large role for the microclimate, as well as the shade and cooling on heat days”, so parliamentary group chairman Friedemann Kalmbach (FÜR Karlsruhe)

The request includes five questions related to the number of trees cut and planted since 2013 through the 2021 update, the number of trees cut since 2021, the number of planned cuts through 2030, and the implementation and planning of new tree plantings from 2021 through 2030.

The Free Voters and FÜR Karlsruhe city council group emphasizes the importance of taking appropriate steps to improve the city’s climate and increase the quality of life for the people of Karlsruhe.