“We followed the news of the terrorist atrocity in our partner city Halle with horror. We are deeply affected by the violence and hatred against our Jewish fellow citizens and we mourn the killed passers-by in the vicinity of the synagogue in Halle. Anti-Semitism – no matter from which direction, whether from the right, left or even from the middle of society – must not be given any space,” said the parliamentary group after the terrorist attack in Halle.

In an open letter, the city councilors of the FW|FUR municipal parliamentary group and the parliamentary group office addressed the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup. In it they demand a clear signal against anti-Semitism:

We ask you, as mayor, to send a clear signal as a city together with the municipal council against anti-Semitism and for solidarity towards our Jewish fellow citizens in Karlsruhe.

From the open letter to Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup

“We stand by our Jewish fellow citizens,” explain the city councillors. They welcome the fact that the police want to increase the security of the Jewish communities in Karlsruhe.