Karlsruhe (FW|FUR) – The councilors of the FW|FOR parliamentary group request in an open letter the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Frank Mentrup, and the re-elected KSC President Ingo Wellenreuther invites both sides to moderated discussions.

After the city of Karlsruhe had lodged an appeal with the KSC in the district court, the city councilors are now addressing both sides. The cause of the legal dispute are disagreements in the planning of the new construction of the Wildpark Stadium, which Karlsruher SC is the lessee of. In the preliminary hearing to the first judicial decision, the judge explained that the club and the city should reconsider their positions and solve the problems in dialogue.

“For us, the dispute between KSC and the city leaves a stale aftertaste, it would be desirable for this project to pull together,” says the parliamentary group of Freie Wahlern and FÜR Karlsruhe. In their letter, the city councilors Jürgen Wenzel, Friedemann Kalmbach and Petra Lorenz emphasize that they are not concerned with assigning blame.

“Of the The best court case is always the one that ends up not being conducted at all must” explain the city councillors, and call on the association and the city to engage in dialogue Help of a mediator to “find solutions together”. Because in the end it works It’s about “how we treat each other and shape our city together”.

KSC and the city have not yet responded to the letter.