The situation for the refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border does not leave the city councilors of the Karlsruhe municipal council groups cold. In the spirit of the winter campaign “No Ice Age for Human Rights” of the Seebrücke Karlsruhe, the house of the parliamentary groups in the Hebelstraße will be equipped with green lights to draw attention to the fatal circumstances for people fleeing in the border area of the EU. The Green, SPD, FDP, Die Linke, KAL/Die Partei, as well as the Freie Wähler and Wählergruppe FÜR Karlsruhe municipal council groups are participating in the campaign. The town hall will illuminate the columns of the town church, the town hall tower and the balconies green from the weekend.

The background of the action is the commitment of residents in Poland, who show people seeking protection with a green light in the window: Here is something warm, clothing and support. The Karlsruhe local group of the civil society organization Seebrücke had drawn attention to the action; a rally will take place on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on the market square – with green lights.