“Right now, in times of the Corona crisis, retail promotion is more important than ever,” is the position of the FDP and FW|FUR. That is why the census community is critical of the cancellation of TOP 2 of the municipal council meeting on April 28th. The two parliamentary groups submitted an amendment on this point and made it clear: “The mayor could have sent a clear signal to the B centers Durlach and Mühlburg and signaled solidarity that the retail trade should not be left alone in this special situation”. The continuation of the bread roll button would also enable the citizens to function in their everyday lives during this difficult phase. “Anyone who continues to put obstacles in people’s way by maintaining the abolition of the bread roll button, so that they do not go about their tasks as fearlessly and carefree as possible, can be there for their loved ones and keep economic life going, misjudges the seriousness of the situation and misunderstands the needs of the citizens,” concluded the FDP and FW|FUR.