Karlsruhe (FW|FÜR) – The city councilors of “Free voters”, Jürgen Wenzel and the new city councilor Petra Lorenz, and Friedemann Kalmbach from the voters’ association “FÜR Karlsruhe” have come together to form a faction group. So they are eighth parliamentary group in the Karlsruhe municipal council.

The fresh faction poses at the introduction of the future municipal council on July 23, a total of three councillors. The young Group community plans to continue with the Liberals the previous, to continue a successful census community. Wenzel is pleased about the new alliance: “Personally and politically we found each other in the Past with FÜR Karlsruhe and the FDP in a census community, now we can actually move more”. His colleague and Neustadträtin Lorenz adds that this clears the way to submit your own applications to the bring in the local council. “In order to have the right to apply to the Karlsruhe municipal council three city councilors are needed, we have now achieved this goal”, explains Kalmbach. In this year’s local elections he had for “FÜR Karlsruhe” did not achieve this goal.

The two groupings look great content overlaps. In addition to the acute issues of citizen participation, The city councilors also sat down on the subject of housing construction and urban development security and cleanliness. “Karlsruhe is a city worth living in for we are looking for the best together with renewed strength,” summarizes Wenzel together.