Karlsruhe (FW | FOR) – The faction of free voters and FOR Karlsruhe demand in one Application to the municipal council for benches with built-in photovoltaic modules check. “The benches set up on the market square are currently in large Criticism due to the origin of the wood used,” he explains Group leader Jürgen Wenzel the advance, “we have to look for contemporary Look around for alternatives, one of which could be smart benches”.

The application stipulates that the city administration will examine such smart seating options, taking into account various scenarios. Because the built-in photovoltaic modules provide the power for a number of options. “Such benches create the opportunity to charge smartphones directly on site and to linger on the bench,” says City Councilor Petra Lorenz, describing the possible uses, “such benches can also warm the seating area in winter and can also be illuminated – completely self-sufficient”. City Councilor Friedemann Kalmbach sees the city of Karlsruhe as a digital location better represented in public space with smart benches and could even imagine a nationwide expansion of KA-WLAN through the benches.

The municipal council must now decide on the proposal and the examination of smart benches in the upcoming meeting in November.