In a new episode of the city council group Freie Wähler und FÜR Karlsruhe, group executive Micha Schlittenhardt discusses with Konrektor Harald Bertram from Goethe Gymnasium Karlsruhe and Rektor Klaus Kühn from Pestalozzischule Durlach about their experiences in everyday school life.
The focus is on digitization and its impact on everyday school life, from hacker attacks to TikTok trends. ChatGPT, the AI revolution, will also be addressed.

In particular, they discuss the impact of social media on student concentration and how to use digital media in the classroom. With regard to the importance of digitization for everyday school life, Bertram and Kühn agree that there is still some catching up to do and that a balance needs to be found between digital education and pedagogical demands.

Bertram and Kühn provide insights into their experiences with implementing digital media in the classroom and emphasize the importance of digital literacy for students. The AI revolution ChatGPT will also be discussed and its potential impact on everyday school life.