The Free Voters and FÜR Karlsruhe city council group introduced a motion to the Karlsruhe City Council that envisions a digital citizens’ office based on the Heidelberg model.

The city of Heidelberg has recently expanded its services for citizens. The citizens’ office can be visited virtually via video call and applications can be submitted digitally. The platform used enables document submission and a payment function. As a digital location, Karlsruhe should significantly expand its offerings, especially in view of the fall and possible restrictions due to the pandemic, and offer services via a virtual branch office of the citizens’ bureau so that citizens can complete processes in a simplified manner.
The City of Heidelberg’s “Virtual Citizens’ Office” offers uncomplicated online registration and reregistration when changing residence, deregistration when moving, as well as registration and residence certificates, information from the residents’ register, certificates of good conduct, the Heidelberg Pass, the State Family Pass, residents’ or severely disabled parking permits.

“We propose to better digitally equip our existing workstations in the citizens’ offices. A major changeover would not make sense in the current situation in the citizens’ offices with the backlog of appointments and the lack of staff. But to speed up and simplify workflows, an expanded digital offering can help. We are sure that many citizens will welcome a digital citizens’ office, especially in the cold season and with possibly increasing incidences,” says City Councilor Friedemann Kalmbach.

The advantage is that documents are already available digitally and therefore scanning processes are no longer necessary – processing is accelerated.

The city administration responded positively to the request. A new telephone system will create the possibility of a virtual citizens’ office.