Corona and future. Isn’t that a paradox that needs to be solved? The crisis surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic only became really serious due to the extensive measures taken to prevent the spread in Germany. Thank God, the healthcare system in this country was not overburdened like in Italy and Spain. But the restrictions and closures have affected millions of people with many consequences. Germany was not well equipped to fight off the pandemic. For weeks there was a lack of protective equipment, even the simplest face mask.What can we learn from the crisis and how can we position ourselves better for the future? This question needs to be answered in the coming weeks. In this issue, we already go into a few approaches, such as finance. The first year of our group community is also coming to an end. Time to look back at what we have achieved together. We would like you, dear readers, to be a part of this. And of course we dare to take a look ahead, at what we have planned – and at what needs to be done for a Karlsruhe worth living in. You will find all of this on the following pages, divided into several articles and contributions from our group. You may have already noticed some things in the news – but much remained hidden. We would be happy if you share our municipal council information with your family, friends and acquaintances! You can find more ways to contact us or stay informed on the back of this issue or here .

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