Dear Mayor Dr. Käuflein,

In view of the immense traffic jams in the citizens’ service of the city of Karlsruhe, the insufficient and missing appointments and the understaffing of the citizens’ office, we would like to ask you as department heads to convene a solution-oriented round table. Affected actors and those responsible at the Public Order and Citizens’ Registration Office, in particular for the IT representatives or representatives of the Office for Information Technology and Digitization, as well as the administrative and management development department, definitely belong at a round table. Gladly also with other knowledgeable experts.

We also urge you to invite one representative from each parliamentary group to this round, in order to clarify urgent issues and to work constructively on a common solution for the benefit of the citizens.

After the most recent reporting on the acute problem and feedback from many angry citizens, a speedy and constructive solution is now needed that will bring real relief. This is required for the customers of the citizens’ office, as well as for the staff employed there. We are convinced that a solution-oriented round table with the character of a workshop is not only a signal to the public, but also represents an important step towards solving the problem. In addition, it is a sign that the city administration and city council are working together constructively for the best of the city.

Kind regards

Friedemann Kalmbach
group leader

Juergen Wenzel
Deputy group leader

Petra Lorenz

Michael Schliehardt
group executive