Karlsruhe (FW|FUR / FDP) – In a supplementary application, the census community from FW|FUR Karlsruhe and FDP call for the use of climate-neutral power-to-gas solutions to be included in the 2030 climate protection concept. The climate protection concept has not yet taken this energy solution into account, which the census community has sharply criticized.

“Anyone who strives for long-term goals for climate protection and climate neutrality must invest in technology such as power-to-gas today,” explains parliamentary group leader Jürgen Wenzel. With power-to-gas, for example, generated electricity is stored in synthetic gas. This allows it to be used at a later date or transported to another location. “If we promote photovoltaic systems on the one hand and bring a lot more electricity into the existing grid, then we also have to relieve the grid on the other hand,” demands Tom Høyem, parliamentary group leader of the FDP. An all-electric approach, as currently proposed by the climate protection concept, cannot cover the electricity requirements in Karlsruhe with renewable energies such as photovoltaics or wind and causes millions of euros in costs for the reinforcement of the grid. The time lag between generation and consumption creates a temporary surplus of electricity that either has to be curtailed or could be stored in synthetically produced gas. This solution is more flexible and, according to the two groups, the safer way to achieve climate neutrality.

According to the census community, this approach would already be competitive under the appropriate framework conditions, because the long-distance gas network operators also plan to gradually distribute more than 90% climate-neutral gas by 2050. “Climate protection is a task for generations”, according to the census community, “and we should start with holistic solutions today”.