After the recent events at Europaplatz, the security debate is back in the headlines:

For a long time it was an issue in the municipal council: safety in public places in Karlsruhe. A proposal was made: a pilot project (SAVAS+) initiated with EnBW to prevent hazards on Europaplatz. This was an innovative system that alerted emergency and rescue services in good time without encroaching on people’s privacy. In the case of Europaplatz, it would not have been a surveillance system, but a reporting and alarm system in which people are not recognizable, but the police and helpers are informed if something unusual happens. Classic camera surveillance would not be permitted in the case of Europaplatz, as it is not a social hotspot with a high crime rate. However, this pilot project failed due to a majority in the municipal council.

Together with the CDU, the Free Voters and FOR Karlsruhe parliamentary group had spoken out in favor of a reporting system. In the podcast discussion between the parliamentary group and city councilor Dirk Müller (CDU), the pros and cons were discussed in detail:

Our podcast “The situation in Karlsruhe” on YouTube

After increased violence and an increased number of criminal offenses around Europaplatz, increased security precautions are again up for debate:

“With the security system prevented by the municipal council, one could have reacted more quickly to the incident at Europaplatz and possibly clarified it. The system was designed to prevent such acts.”

The parliamentary group now sees a need for action and will bring the topic of security and risk prevention into the budget deliberations of the municipal council.