Caritas already uses a bicycle rickshaw, the local council made no decision for the time being in the debate about bicycle cabs. It became clear that tourism as well as business development was in demand. The city council group of Freie Wähler and FÜR Karlsruhe advocated for bicycle cabs in a motion in the municipal council.

“With bicycle cabs we would have another emission-free alternative for the short mile. We find positive examples in many big cities where bicycle cabs are used for touristic, but also practical matter. Thus, older citizens would have the opportunity to cover a short distance without having to get on the subway extra or to use the car,” said councilwoman Petra Lorenz in the local council.

Mayor Frank Mentrup and many factions of the Karlsruhe City Council welcome the idea for bicycle cabs if it means no additional work for the overstretched city administration and no new costs. It is now the responsibility of the city’s business development department, which is responsible for providing advice and acting as a central point of contact for all companies in Karlsruhe, to recruit a suitable private company.