The intergroup motion by the FDP, CDU, KAL/Die PARTEI and FW|FÜR to retain the joint collection of recyclable materials for lightweight packaging and so-called “non-packaging of the same material” was able to achieve initial success: Thanks to the intervention of these groups and the citizens’ associations, there is now a good solution with the Landbell AG, the negotiators of the operators of dual systems (BDS) for the collection of recyclables in Karlsruhe, at the end of the year: “The original draft resolutions of the municipal council meeting in July 2021 were not without alternatives, as we were urgently informed before the vote, but it is de in fact a continuation of the tried-and-tested system is possible,” according to the applicants. In addition to the great doubts about the economic and ecological added value and the desired “educational” effect of waste separation, the municipal council groups also have older people and people with restricted mobility in mind with their application, who would be clearly disadvantaged by the new dual concept and emphasize: “In the district, even a joint collection of plastic and waste paper as well as cardboard is practiced, in our urban district, on the other hand, the argument is always based on an outdated, too high waste rate from 2016 when the planned introduction of a pick-up and delivery system is defended”. In a next step, it is now determined how high the current proportion of waste in the recycling bins in Karlsruhe actually is in order to calculate the exact costs for the city. “As we have already explained in our application, the Office for Waste Management needs correct and reliable values as well as a fully informed and well-founded negotiating position about the legal framework and the existing possibilities when it comes to such far-reaching discussions. After all, waste disposal is one of the mandatory municipal tasks, which is why the city administration should be particularly ambitious here for its citizens,” emphasize the parliamentary groups applying and finally make it clear: “We are very happy about the milestone we have reached and will continue to follow the course of the negotiations but continue to follow closely.”

Tom Høyem, Thomas H. Hock and FDP group
Detlef Hofmann, Sven Maier and CDU group
Lüppo Cramer and KAL/The Party group
Friedemann Kalmbach, Jürgen Wenzel, Petra Lorenz and FW|FÜR group