With their application for the unsealing of parking spaces in the city center, the parliamentary group Freie Wahler and FÜR Karlsruhe continue to advocate a constructive approach to a climate-friendly Karlsruhe.

“We don’t have to ban people who are dependent on it and delivery traffic from driving in the city in order to bring Karlsruhe closer to climate friendliness,” says City Councilor Petra Lorenz. “We can innovate and implement techniques that are already researched and are on the table. The unsealing of inner-city parking spaces is a step that doesn’t hurt anyone and is very good for the climate.”

In the last municipal council, the parliamentary group’s application was successfully planned: instead of sealing new parking spaces or parking spaces in need of renovation with a surface such as asphalt or concrete, which is impermeable to air and water, the administration wants to gradually build up parking spaces with grass pavers and permeable lawn parking spaces.