The municipal council group Freie Wahler and FÜR Karlsruhe is campaigning for a spatial expansion of the alcohol ban on Werderplatz in the southern part of the city.

“Even before Corona, we received many complaints from residents and tradespeople who called for further measures. We were happy to support the many measures that have been initiated since 2009, but the situation has deteriorated drastically in the last two years. Many shopkeepers and local residents feel that violence and bullying have increased. Fortunately, many in the municipal council have understood that things cannot go on as they are,” says City Councilor Friedemann Kalmbach.

The experience of the previous regulation shows that the enforcement of the alcohol ban on Werderplatz often results in the group of people concerned being pushed to the other side of the street, at the Marienstraße/Werderstraße intersection, and the number of criminal offenses does not decrease, but increases. There are often conflicts with the local companies and residents, which leads to fewer customers. However, the problems in this area will not be solved by a half-hearted ban on alcohol: “A ban on alcohol on Werderplatz only shifts the problem. Since there is less space at the intersection, conflicts with the residents quickly arise. That’s why we think it would be best to extend the alcohol ban to the adjacent crossing area as well. Then maybe this part of the city can get rid of its image as a focal point,” says City Councilor Petra Lorenz and continues: “But it is important for us that we do not displace anyone and that people can continue to use the contact points, social support or medical help. We want to create a broader range there too.” A possible solution would also be the return of the police station to the square.