In order to preserve order and traffic structure in Karlsruhe’s city center, the city council group Freie Wähler | FÜR Karlsruhe had submitted a motion advocating for designated e-scooter hubs. These are parking areas that serve as drop-off and check-out locations. The group ‘s motion calls on the city government to reach an agreement with e-scooter providers to allow parking for the scooters in high-traffic areas of the city.

Now there are signs of progress in e-scooters. Mayor Frank Mentrup informed in a letter about talks with the e-scooter rental companies. For the organization of e-scooters, “hotspots” are to be identified in the future, “where parking areas for e-scooters are to be defined,” according to the agreement between the city and the managing directors of the sharing providers.

group executive the Free Voters and FOR Karlsruhe Micha Schlittenhardt welcomes the agreement between the city and e-scooter rental companies: “We are very pleased that we are making progress with traffic in the city center. The e-scooters are an asset, but more organization is needed there. The city would do well to take care of official parking facilities. That the e-scooters are no longer just sitting somewhere, but on e-scooter hubs that are quickly accessible, that’s helpful for finding them and keeping them organized.”

The group further calls for a speedy implementation of defined parking spaces at hotspots for e-scooters. This should prevent wild parking in these highly frequented places in the future.