Karlsruhe (FW|FUR) – The parliamentary group of free voters and FOR Karlsruhe is applying for the extension of the period of alcohol ban at Werderplatz in the southern part of the city. The situation at Werderplatz has been a topic in the municipal council for years.

“We welcome the previous concept, in which several actors are involved and not just one measure,” explains City Councilor Friedemann Kalmbach. Through street social work and the creation of an alcohol-accepting lounge, an offer was created for people that can provide help with various problems. Public participation in the run-up to this decision was also highlighted positively. “There are not only new offers, but also the presence of the municipal security service and police helps to enforce compliance with the alcohol ban and to pacify the situation in this central square in the southern part of the city,” adds City Councilor Jürgen Wenzel, who has long advocated more security in of the city uses.

“As a faction, we have received increased complaints from residents who feel that the measures taken so far have not gone far enough. That’s why we decided to apply for an extension of the alcohol ban,” says City Councilor Petra Lorenz. The application calls for an extension of the temporary alcohol ban and the previous times from April 1st to October 31st, as well as the times of day at which the alcohol ban is lifted outside of the areas used for gastronomy, with reference to the offer of the alcohol-accepting lounge A³.