For a long time the parliamentary group community from free voters and FÜR Karlsruhe sat down for it – now it is so far: In Karlsruhe a new dog walk area is planned. There has been much discussion about possible locations, and now the Karlsruhe City Council will agree on a new dog walking area in the Günther-Klotz-Anlage.

After 22 sites tested, the facility at Albgrün, just before the cool jug, meets all criteria. The fact that the dogs are offered now on a beautiful green area new area, welcomes the parliamentary group, which already engaged itself last year for the project: That our effort of many years resulted in a success, makes us very happy. It is a good sign of the local council that the many requests and messages of citizens, which reached us, were finally noticed , so group chairman Friedemann Kalmbach.

City Councilor Petra Lorenz sees the new dog run as a first step in creating more opportunities for all dog lovers: “We are very happy about the new location and that it meets the criteria. This is how we had envisioned it a year ago. It’s a pity that the search had to take so long. In the long term, we should also think about a second area for dogs. The new location is not very central and for many dog owners the way might be too far. The dog owners from the other end of the city rightly point to a necessary second area. The group community will therefore advocate for a further dog walking area.”