The city council group Freie Wähler and FÜR Karlsruhe takes a critical view of the supply situation with physicians in Karlsruhe and the emergency supply. This is a development that has already become apparent in recent years and has reached a preliminary climax with the restructuring at the ViDia clinics.

In an open letter, the city council group already posed questions about the situation at the hospital to Mayor Lisbach on the structural and financial challenges of the hospitals some time ago. Especially the fear about the abandonment of the municipal clinic was going around at that time, but could be dispelled by Bettina Lisbach.

For a long time, the promise was kept that the Deaconess Hospital in Karlsruhe would be maintained – now it has been announced that the Deaconess Hospital is pulling out of the “ViDia” project and ending the cooperation with the St. Vincentius Association. The “ViDia” project was a collaboration between the Protestant Deaconess Institution and the Catholic St. Vincentius Association. In the future, the Diakonissenanstalt will limit its work to the nursing area, leaving St. Vincentius Hospital alone and combining its care services in terms of space.

“We are aware of the challenges facing the hospital landscape. We are nevertheless critical of the consolidation of medical care at just one ViDia Kliniken site. Site retention is a major concern for us – by eliminating inpatient and emergency care, the promise that was made has not been fulfilled. We would like to see the ViDia clinics in Karlsruhe remain. With more cooperation, specializations and even better coordination with, for example, the municipal hospital, this could be achieved,” said group executive Micha Schlittenhardt in a statement.