Karlsruhe (FW|FUR) – The parliamentary group made up of free voters and FOR Karlsruhe is applying for the development of a concept for employee motivation through attendance bonuses and pastoral care for employees of municipal offices and companies.

Loss of work due to absenteeism that goes beyond illness due to viruses or bacteria or physical injuries to an employee costs the company a lot of money, or, as at AVG, can lead to a sudden shortage of drivers.
Petra Lorenz explains: “When you’re sick, you’re sick, that’s not pleasant for employers or employees and you have to recover in any case. With our bonus model, we want to reward employees who actively do something for their health, e.g. B. through a healthy diet and exercise and are therefore less likely to get sick”.
The faction of Free Voters and FOR Karlsruhe therefore proposes the development of a reward model, which should reward employees who have as few absenteeism periods as possible. The chairman of the parliamentary group, Jürgen Wenzel, named the approach of Daimler AG as a good example from the economy, which would reward a few absences with a small bonus payment.

Friedemann Kalmbach also explained that it was important to the parliamentary group to develop an offensive concept for pastoral, psychological counseling for employees of the city offices and companies in addition to the incentives for fewer absenteeism. According to the AOK, 25% of all absences from work are due to psychological factors such as depression or problems at work.
The two-pronged concept is intended to ensure that employees are not disadvantaged due to bacterial or viral diseases or physical injuries, and care is taken for employees who have absenteeism due to mental stress.